From hundreds of hours of conversations and more than a hundred survey responses, ten large themes emerged that illustrate the community’s concerns about City Schools and outline a vision for public education in Baltimore City. Each theme encapsulates several findings that provide a more detailed look at what was discussed in conversations and what citizens want for their schools. Some findings are descriptions or perceptions of how things are now. Some are suggestions for different ways of doing things. All come directly from participants.

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One of our goals with this project was to hear from citizens in each of the 55 Community Statistical Areas (CSAs) in Baltimore. We are proud to say that we were able to achieve this goal, as we were able to reach people in every community in the city. In an effort to be transparent and share information that we hope will be useful for community-level endeavors, we have created Community Snapshots for each CSA. These include the top themes that we heard, as well as  an explanation for how these results were collected and the demographic information of the participants from the CSA. These are not meant to represent the views of each community, but instead to shine light on what we heard during the course of this project.

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