Activities, Programs, & Opportunities for Kids

Participants clearly felt that schools did not provide enough variety of courses for students. They focused mostly on music and art but also requested more access to foreign languages, home economics, and physical education. Participants also commented that schools should offer these courses daily, rather than in a limited way (for example, one art class per week).

Along with the request for a wider array of courses, participants voiced their belief that students should have more extracurricular activities available to them. Citizens are concerned that when children do not have structured afterschool activities available to them, they are more vulnerable to the lure of the streets. Suggestions included keeping school buildings open later and/or opening up recreation centers in communities that do not have them.

We also heard from students, many of whom feel like they have little input about the classes that make up their school schedules. They described situations where they had no choice about which foreign language they took or which arts option was included in a schedule.

Although respondents weighed in more on the lack of activities, some participants voiced support for the programs available in schools. Specifically, people praised the summer programs available to students and said that they provided kids with positive options.

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